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The 2020 dark net public chain ELS break out, may become the coin circle in the troubled world hero!


The preface

The current global outbreak in 2020, leading to the world economic downturn, according to the latest report, the us stock market in two weeks four circuit breaker! Three major us index, ftse A50, gold, oil hit new lows. The "dollar drought" is sweeping the world, and the world economy is in crisis. At this particular moment, some people complain that this is the worst of times, while others are glad that this is the best of times. History will never repeat itself, but it is always strikingly similar.

In 2008, the financial crisis gave birth to the first digital currency

In January 2008, the financial crisis hit. The federal reserve, trying to prevent the housing bubble from bursting. The federal open market committee began to lower the federal funds rate (to 3.0%). Bush signs tax rebates in February as home sales continue to fall. Feb. 13: President bush signs a tax cut to help the struggling housing market. "August and November 2008 were the worst financial crises in global history.

On November 1, 2008, at this historic moment, a man who identified himself as satoshi nakamoto published a paper online called "bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system," describing a new digital currency system: bitcoin. Bitcoin white paper born!

In the financial crisis of 2008, the performance of governments all over the world, making a world run on trust, has lost trust, and this is the perfect time for the release of bitcoin, so the white paper of bitcoin was published in 2008, the launch of bitcoin on January 3, 2009 is definitely not a coincidence, is a challenge to the existing financial system

Bitcoin was born in the context of the financial crisis. It made people see the importance of a complete independent monetary system and put it into action. That's why it's great.

In 2020, another financial crisis, the emergence of the ELS public chain family is a mission, or a coincidence?



    ELS chain demon spirit, team building, a group of advocating truth, beauty, love, to seek harmony with the universe of the hacker team, they do not malicious damage, they are keen to exploration of science and technology, computer science research, is in the circle of hackers, Hack is undoubtedly has a positive meaning, the word break the false, evil, ugly, realize the wealth, freedom autonomous civil society relationship chain, one of the world civilization reconstruction project has been the completion of the group study.

ELS is the world's first truly built based on the block chain technology, focusing on the ecosystem of gaming services, the use of intelligent contract mechanism, and through the block chain technology of decentralization, traceability and information can not be tamper-proof, the construction of a common online and offline chip digital industry public chain for the gaming industry.

ELS adopts community autonomous management:

 The dark web public chain ELS is similar to the block chain project like BTC, which can ignore the existence of the project team. There is no center, no centralized block chain ecosystem, and a free consensus society based on all people. ELS issued a total of 200 million, of which 14 million were issued by community autonomy, which was awarded to community autonomy contributors.

Team to ensure that developers can still make ELS after exit the dominant ecological still, the consensus of all participants for the healthy development of mechanism - a consensus autonomous decentralization vote system. When ELS chain to 7585962 block height, the system will automatically start the decentralization voting function, this is a kind of high resolution to participate in the mechanism of freedom. All participating ELS members can elect 19 super nodes through the decentralized voting consensus autonomous system every week. These 19 super nodes will act as the leader of ELS blockchain, maintain the healthy and stable development of ELS, and provide services for all ELS users. 
    This makes the whole ELS truly become a healthy, positive and completely autonomous consensus community, and the ELS can achieve unlimited development and sustainable development in the consensus of the whole people.

Public chain ELS wealth feast? Try... .

According to the development team's white paper, ELS comes from the dark web, with a total of 200 million ELS released, including 39 million from collision planet, 91 million from diamond planet, 51 million from pool planet, 14 million from community autonomy, and 5 million from candy drop.

And how to contact the planet, and I believe you like small make up a little don't understand, after further understanding, ELS is composed of five star tunnel of time and space, according to the main force, gravity, repulsive force, inertia, magnetic field, the microscopic energy data of five orderly operation of the tunnel of time and space, reasonable business logic innovation model and real ground cutting-edge technology, innovation make the top of the chain ELS ecological civilization. The idea is to really decentralize, humanize, drive the force and the wealth effect.

Is the value of public chain ELS expected in the future?

Combined with cables and understand the information, the white paper, ELS are initial value by diminishing collision engineering + smart program to perform the contract, collision planet 39 million, including the principle of collision issue, such as into a pyramid, in the tower ELS number involved in collisions are most, then for every layer, the number will reduce 1%, until the end of the collision issues, from bottom to top appreciation for how much space, can consult their collision decreasing engineering type:

There is also a deflation destruction mechanism of ELS, which also determines its value trend. ELS is issued as contract and seal for 91 million, which is destroyed every time the contract ends. According to the contract, when the destruction reaches the peak ratio, it will increase by 1%.

ELS male chain USES the game of raiders of the lost treasure to drain. With the increasing popularity of players in this game, the future eight ecology of ELS male chain will be enabled, and the successful creation and implementation of one by one into the real and virtual scene application. In summary, the future value of ELS common chain can be expected, we will try to wait for... .

Dark network hasn't released by the end of the time, open the registration, but community cable heat is good, according to they are now on the first plan, distribute to all community contributors dropped 5 million plan, small make up understanding as this is the first group of fans to welfare, anyway, not out of silver, small make up also apply for to get a drop, hope ELS chain road to the future more and more good, I also will continue to focus on the development of community.



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